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Professional Recording studio in Parkstone, Dorset

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Recording studio in Parkstone, Dorset

Echo Room Recordings is a professional recording studio.

Based in the Parkstone / Poole / Bournemouth / Dorset area.

The studio houses an excellent selection of top end recording equipment.


Regardless of if you’ve recorded your tracks at Echo Rooms, at home or at another studio we can help transform your audio into professional sounding radio ready mixes. In the studio we passionately believe that the closer the collaboration between mix engineer and artist the better the track turns out. My job is to be an invaluable part of your team. My number one goal is great Communication and Amazing customer service.


Whether you’re a solo artist or band and looking to expand your sound we can help you to create exciting finished productions of the highest professional quality. Echo Rooms has a vast selection of instruments and we work alongside an amazing network of session musicians, all of which can be an invaluable resource for your project. We never get tired of helping ideas grow into amazing fully realised productions.


Over the years we have built close relationships with a truly inspiring group of world class mastering engineers. We now have the incredible luxury of hand picking which mastering engineer we use for each individual project (depending on musical genre), we find this to be a very effective and powerful way to maximise the quality of the end result. We find mastering engineers to be some of our closest allies in audio, they have a very particular skill set and will work magic with your music.

Free consultation

I start every project with an in-depth free consultation. I find it a crucial part of the recording process.

My purpose as a recording engineer/producer is to help you to achieve the best possible result for your project. I am here to help you bring your musical ideas into reality. To do this I need to understand your musical landscape. Most of the consultation will be spent:

1. Talking about and listening to your biggest musical influences.

2. Identifying the feeling and atmosphere of your own music, and discussing how best to create that landscape.

3. Planning the next steps and organizing a timeframe.

Once our foundation is strong and the direction for the project is set, we can hit the ground running and start making some great music together.


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We’re based in Parkstone near Seaview. Perfect for anyone in Poole, Bournemouth or Dorset.

Available by appointment only. Contact me for a booking using the form below.

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